Friday, February 1, 2008

cronchaloncha, base!

^^ That one's going out to my big brother Brad. He gets it.

I realized that the custodian in question yesterday is in need of a serious attitude adjustment. With one simple change in lifestyle, he would quickly find that his woes can become his joys. In my days of early morning custodial work, I would find a little morsel here or there of spilled/unwanted/discarded food. That is NO cause for complaint. That was breakfast! If our IAA custodian had been truly diligent he would have seen that there was even a half-full bottle of Sprite in the trash can that he could have used to wash down the daily popcorn fix. I really think he could benefit from this new diet plan. Maybe I'll leave him a note.


I've been tagged! I've read those three words on many a blog in recent months, usually followed by some type of questionnaire the author was requested to fill out by one of their blog friends. I feel like in my being tagged, I've now officially been inducted into the blog world. I'm a card-carrying blog member. This paragraph also goes out to my big brother Brad, who loves nothing more than he loves the word blog. Blog blog blog. Hi buddy!

On with the hopefully self-revealing survey. This one came in the form of eights.

Passionate about:

1. language
2. killer whales
3. music
4. cheese
5. F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing
6. race relations
7. autumn
8. comfort

Want to:
1. go back to Korea
2. make music of my own
3. jump out of an airplane with my dad
4. regularly use my KitchenAid and Magic Bullet
5. learn how to parallel park
6. get a graduate degree
7. see a killer whale in the wild
8. Color Me Mine

Have recently read
1. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - James Joyce
2. I Am America and So Can You - Stephen Colbert
3. various short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald
4. The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
5. Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl

6. Details magazine
7. The Little Black Book of Style - Nina Garcia
8. The Memory Keeper's Daughter - Kim Edwards

1. oh, really?
2. heeeey
3. Institutional Assessment, this is Tracy
4. I don't care
5. see if Scrubs is on
6. sweet
7. I'm going home now
8. but I mean,

Attracted to friends by:
1. making me laugh
2. not taking themselves seriously
3. intelligence
4. an appreciation of good food
5. interest in various forms of media
6. downloose (this is the opposite of uptight that I just made up)
7. the right balance of logical and emotional
8. tolerance of me

Could listen to over and over:
1. Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope
2. M.I.A. - Paper Planes
3. Once soundtrack

4. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
5. Most any Bright Eyes
6. Bloc Party - This Modern Love
7. Something Corporate - Konstantine

8. Queen/David Bowie - Under Pressure

Learned last year:
1. America's health care system is broken
2. one room can be better than four
3. bodies can handle more than you might think
4. hamburgers aren't so bad
5. fresh flowers and live plants do wonders for a home
6. moms always take care of their babies no matter how old
7. Oreos can in fact get any better, through a brilliant change in packaging
8. people are the same in a lot of important ways and different in a lot of important ways

And I:
1. like that I'm not fashionable
2. could say the alphabet backwards when I was 2
3. have a really comfortable bed
4. don't much care for drivings cars
5. love my nephew
6. take more baths than showers
7. feel like something big is going to happen
8. will be really disappointed if it doesn't

Oh, I forgot the part where you tag eight more people. Oops.


Kyle said...

i'm so with you, this stupid impoverished immigrant laborer needs to learn how to spell english words and start eating trash...

Brad said...

Well, I sure got a lot of attention in this post. The positive and negative pretty much cancelled each other out so I shall neither thank nor berate you.

Erica said...

i never realized how much we had in common

Kyle said...

additionally, i am an idiot.

Tracy said...

For the record, Kyle the grown-up is quite intelligent. He just sometimes mixes up breaking down negative stereotypes with reinforcing them.

kristen said...

i think the demographic profile of the janitor was pretty unclear to non-byu readers (me).

Kyle said...

seriously, my only conceivable explanation for the note was english as a second language

Sara LaClaire said...

dear tracy.... if you ever ever go back to this. sara and i spent a significant amount of time on your blog this night. you are fabulous.