Monday, September 28, 2009

death rattle

I'm a total bore for never writing anything on here anymore. I'm still not going to write something, not really, but I feel like I should post some kind of crap, so here is how I responded when a million years ago a friend asked me whether I ate the fish I caught:
I didn't eat it. Or keep it. But I didn't really catch-and-release either. I tried to keep it. I killed it a lot. Tried to gut it etc. but couldn't really figure it out so then threw its carcass back in the water. I slammed its head on a rock! Over and over! And cried hahaha. The head slamming was to kill it before theoretically gutting it, it was supposed to be a quick painless death, but then it wasn't at all, I kept thinking it was dead and then it would start flopping again so I'd slam it again. And cry some more. I was trying to be brave and keep head slamming through the tears but I was just overcome by it all. Sad that I was killing this thing that had just given me so much joy. I tried to stop crying.

And here is the joke I kept making when I nabbed that slippery little sucker:

catfish? more like caughtfish!

Yeah this blog is doomed.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

carry me boldly

I know you've already seen a million of these, but

Maybe someday I'll write something on here again. Maybe not.