Wednesday, February 27, 2008

good king wenceslas

Have you ever snowshoed? Because guess what I HAVE. I couldn't say that last week, but I can now. This past Saturday my partners-in-adventure and I woke up bright and early and proceeded to drive up past Sundance to the trailhead leading up to Stewart Falls, a trailhead I have acquainted myself with many times previously, but never before under 5+ feet of snow. We strapped on our gear, so generously provided free of charge by Heritage Residential Treatment Center, and set off. The hike to Stewart Falls normally takes maybe an hour and a half round-trip, but such is not the case when you're trudging through snow and the trail is buried to the point of invisibility. We got lost a couple of times but never so badly that we didn't quickly realize it and turn back to find the right way. I found that snowshoeing is one of few physical endeavors where my slight stature becomes an advantage--that snow was not sinking underneath me nearly so deeply as it was for near-300-pound Tom. Still, some parts were very difficult, specifically climbing up steep very slippery slopes, but it was definitely worth it to take in sights such as these:
That picture is stolen! I don't feel guilty about it. We did eventually make it to the frozen waterfall and it was a thing of beauty; I wish I had a stolen picture of it to show as well. The descent was much quicker, as we could follow our own tracks. We passed a few other snowshoers making their way up as we went back, and I felt pretty well pleased with being the first ones out that morning and therefore leading the way for all those to follow--the trailblazers, if you will. Just call us a fairly unexciting NBA team from Portland.

The best part of snowshoeing though was sliding on my butt down a really steep hill on a slide that had been carved out and polished by two butts before me. It was so fast and so exhilarating! It's a fact: snowslides put waterslides to shame.

Look up the words to that carol if you don't know them; pay attention to the 4th and 5th verses. They're relevant.

Coming soon: something interesting happened at my job--what??, pop culture.


mom said...

The only times I ever snowshoed were when i was playing at being an ROTC cadet back in the day. We had ancient snowshoes from Mr. Rudy's basement, and had to walk through the snow wearing od green and carrying gear. It was still one of the better activities though. We really didn't "hike" at all, so that is hard to imagine. It sounds challenging, rewarding, beautiful, and fun though, so I am glad you did it.
those are great verses of the song, that I had never known of. Good job making me aware of them.

Tracy said...

The world should know that my mother was the FIRST FEMALE ROTC CADET at Brigham Young University. She's so hard core.

kristen said...

excited re: coming soon.

Brad said...

Yes, I have been snow shoeing.

Brad said...

Really mom, you didn't know those lyrics? I'm shocked.