Friday, September 26, 2008


I think Man really does a pretty good job sometimes of creating things that rival even the mountains and waterfalls and meadows and constellations in beauty. And if I'm being honest, I might even have to award an extra point to us mortals for so expertly and efficiently combining beauty with function. Not that mountains and waterfalls aren't functional--I realize that providing shelter and hydration are pretty necessary tasks--but then humans come along and add a water wheel and boom, this scene is more quaint and picturesque plus it can now provide enough power for an entire Swiss family.

My favorite man-made structure, though, has long been the windmill. Maybe it's because I got to go inside one once, maybe it's because of their frequent proximity to tulips, maybe it's because a good soundtrack was created around a particular red one. I'm not sure why I have such an affinity for windmills, but I think they are beautiful and strong and I love the idea that they are harvesting the air to turn it into something so usable. So you can imagine my delight when earlier this year, I looked southward and saw that the inversion had lifted its heavy, smelly blanket to reveal that a smattering of windmills had popped up! Right here in my very own valley! I've been wanting to get up close and personal with them ever since but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I finally had an opportunity to take a drive through Spanish Fork canyon and get acquainted. Unfortunately I couldn't get any closer to them than my passenger seat would allow, but I think it's best that our first introduction be casual anyway. Now that we're a bit more familiar with each other I will undoubtedly be making another expedition that involves actually getting out of the car and walking right up to them, and you, dear reader, are welcome to come with me.

Just look at these nine little darlings!

They're definitely a bit more contemporary in design than those ferocious molinos of Don Quixote fame, but I think the windmills of this generation are just as magnificent as their ancestors.

For a parting gift, you really should go do a google image search of "windmill" right now; that first page of results is just so lovely.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

number 32 (not page)

It's really hard to do anything right now besides look up reviews of the So You Think You Can Dance shows that have already happened on this tour and get myself so so worked up about what will be right in front of my eyes in a few short hours.

And it says specifically that no recording devices of any type are allowed but those jokers can't stop me, I'm totally going to bring in a notebook and pen to take notes of everything that goes down.

I see no shame in pointing out cool things about myself when I think it is deserved, and I deserve this--it's quite a fortunate quality to be completely fine with going to "things" by yourself, and enjoying them every bit as much as you would if you had some semi-reluctant friend in the seat next to you.

Ba da ba ba.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

fah who for-aze

I kind of love that emotions sometimes cause real physical reactions. It seems like the best form of validation of them, like "hey no you can't dismiss my feelings--see this salty discharge all over my face? These things are real!" And sure there are the obvious things like how we laugh when someone says something hilarious or how our lower lip sticks out and droops a little when the stores run out of Cadbury mini eggs the day after Easter. But even those feel a little conditioned, a little too voluntary. Like if I am mad at the hilarious person because he ate my last Cadbury mini egg, regardless of how funny his joke was, I can make myself not laugh. Other times though, the psychology trumps the physiology, and emotions overpower the body, and it doesn't matter how much you tell yourself you need to eat because you haven't in twelve hours, your broken heart just won't allow it. Or you really wish all those sudden little bumps on your arms would just lie flat and stop alerting the whole world that you're super excited to be having a flirty little conversation with that guy, finally. But it's a futile effort. Sometimes emotions take over.

And lately the weather has finally, finally cooled down, and the mornings smell like Christmas, and Timpanogos has its first sprinkling of snow, and the next time I have a day off work it will be for Thanksgiving. And the past few days as I sit at my desk and think of these things, and think of the drives through the canyon to look at fall leaves and the unplanned parking lot snowball fights and the football games and the trick-or-treaters and the baking and decorating and loving and all of these things that are headed my way, I just can't help it. My breath catches for just a second and then suddenly I inhale so quickly and deeply that my lungs are just about to explode and I get a miniature oxygen high and it's as though my body needs all that excitement that is in the air to be inside me, immediately. And I don't choose to do it but it just happens, and every time it thrills me to see how a feeling announces its presence so blatantly, making sure the rest of me doesn't miss the fact that my heart is so delighted.

It's coming--it's coming!