Thursday, February 14, 2008

love, American style

I want to tell this story, but I'm too lazy to form narrative thought today, so here:
y: you would be so so grossed out by me right now
é: why?
é: why moreso than usual i should say
y: I accidentally dropped a significant portion of my gordita on the floor
y: and obviously was not going to throw it away
y: so I gathered it up and scooped it back in the paper and am eating it
é: but but but
y: occasionally pulling out hairs or lint etc. from it
é: you have a substandard janitorial worker
y: I KNOW they NEVER vacuum
y: it should not be that gross from being on the carpet for five seconds
é: you should leave a note
é: to whom it may concern
é: i dropped my cheesey gordita crunch on the floor today and was not pleased with what i found
y: 2-3 hairs per bite
é: hahahaha
y: as an interesting flip-flop, I just got sour cream in my hair
é: are they long red curly hairs at least?
é: haahah
y: so hair in my burrito, burrito in my hair
y: no they haven't been mine, which is reeeally sketchy
é: so someone is sitting at your desk
é: putting their hair everywhere
y: or my carpet hasn't been vacuumed well in two years
é: neither is particularly appealing

Also a very happy valentine's day to all of my loves. I love you. I started to list you but then there were way too many. I guess I can consider myself a very lucky girl. I do want to make a particular shout-out to two, though: Priya and Legend. You were the fastest heart-winners I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.


The Mediocre Gatsby said...

Ah. That's nice. I will let them know. If you want to see a Valentine Legend made, go to (you know where) and I will post it.

Happy VD.

Ethan said...

I love a good Steak Supreme Gordita Crunch. Hard shell surrounded by a soft shell, attached with cheese ... brilliant.

Brad said...

What are heart-winners?

Mom said...

This is one of your grosser stories, but still well written. It was great to see you this past two weeks. thanks for all your help with rides to and from the airport, piano accompaniment, being a loving daghter, etc. I can't wait for our next round of Ipod Idol.