Monday, May 18, 2009

arkansas toothbrush

Oh geez my longest hiatus ever. I have an excuse though and it will now be presented to you in graphic form. But I warn you! These pictures are extremely NSFQS (not safe for queasy stomachs). That's why I'm making you click on a totally different link to see them, if you so desire. Be advised: insides of bodies will be present and highly visible.

Enter at your own risk.

Yikes, I'm really sorry to those of you who just clicked through that slide show. I hope you weren't planning something delicious for dinner.

So now I'm pretty much great, feeling healthier than I have in months, and making tons of septuagenarian friends at IV Club. Every morning, seven days a week, I have to go at 8:00 to a clinic to have an IV treatment of antibiotics. I was dreading that fate when I learned of it, but it's actually quite fun. Everybody else is super old so I'm kind of a novelty in those parts. And do I like attention?? Yes, yes I do. So it's cool. Plus there are free juices and snacks, and this oldie Gary even brought me a chiminichanga this morning. No joke. Gary is awesome. Coupla things about him: started the BYU barber shop and cut hair there for 50 years. Was once the #2 ranked Birmingham Roller pigeoner in the world. Is missing half a pinky because he once stuck it up his nose and a booger bit it off. Oh, Gary.

Abrupt ending!