Tuesday, February 5, 2008

copyright infringement

I'm feeling like it's time to write but I don't have anything I particularly want to write about. So instead I will let others do the writing for me. I may or may not add commentary.

When I set out to start this here documentation of my existence, I knew the first thing I'd have to do was choose something to fill in the space between http:// and .blogspot. I'm sorry to break the news to my current url that he was not in fact my first choice--but don't take it too hard little guy. You were up against some stiff competition. I will now present the audience with excerpts from five of the sites I tried to claim as my own. I will not, however, provide the addresses for said websites. If you were to find them on your own simply through guessing what I might have wanted for my site, well then you know me quite well friend, and I'll contemplate rewarding you in some way.

Blog the first!
the naked chef is the coolest guy on tv. he just cooks out of his own (extremely cool) apartment somewhere in england. and they film him going to all these little groceries and independent farm stands. and then he goes home and just breaks down everything you'd want to know about everything he uses in his recipes.

I can totally get behind somebody who talks about what they watch on TV, and who enjoys the Food Network. Glad to see she and I think alike on website names.

Number two.
Strange how the days moved and flowed, change in temperament coming only with rest and reflection, or lack thereof. The more thought she put into how things were or were not working for her, the more she became depressed and cried. How did the regular people stand it, she wondered? Is disconnection and avoidance how the world survives? These questions had no clear answer, obviously.

This girl's entire blog is written in third person, with the singular exception of the sentence "I don't know why I did this" in an early post. She's also very sad. Somehow I'm feeling some responsibility for her sadness now. I hope she's doing better.

hmm, happy new year! it's a perfect day to start a blog. =) new yr always comes with resolutions... i just wanna be happy. sounds rather cliche, i know... but it's what i really want. havent felt sheer happiness in a long time. funny...

She apparently is not given to capital letter usage. She does, however, have an appreciation for the ellipsis. Which is a terrible name for a band. I'm glad her New Year's resolution was not to faithfully update her blog, because this is her only entry.

i wake up and begin to turn to look at the bright red numbers on my alarm clock, but before i can move close enough to see the time i hear the click and the radio begins to play a familiar song. it is six am. i hate when this type of thing happens(waking up just before the alarm goes off). i listened to the rest of the song and when it was over i felt around for my glasses, (they are never where i leave them).

Very detail-oriented. And that hatred of waking up right before the alarm clock, well that's something we all can relate to isn't it.

And, finally, five
I was talking to a friend about past relationships, specifically mine, and she provided a really interesting perspective on happiness...If you're banging your head against the wall, once it stops, you deceive yourself into thinking that you are happy. It's not happiness - it's an absence of pain. What we sometimes fail to recognize is that there is a whole other level of happiness on the other side of that wall.

Hmm, all of the blogs-that-could-have-been were written by females. There's got to be something interesting about gender roles to be discovered in that. I guess I am decidedly girly, if all the urls I wanted are owned by girls. I appreciate that this one wrote "a whole other" rather than "a whole nother," even though it is awesome that English does have that one infix that doesn't get nearly enough attention as a linguistic phenomenon.

Rock the vote, please.


The Mediocre Gatsby said...

I don't want to tell you how to do your blog, but you also might want to try the third person thing.

And maybe make it sadder.

Talk about how sometimes she cries because her phone was stuck in a childs toy - that kind of thing.

Brad said...

So, I tried to be all clever and google excerpts from all these excerpts to find their source, yet strangely, they are all found in your website only. I am left with the only possibly conclusion being that this whole post is a ruse and you made all of this up. A superb exercise in creative writing, but not a mystery to difficult for Brad Keck to solve!

Brad said...

Crap, I most certainly meant "too difficult".

Tracy said...

No no they are quite real. It may have something to do with the fact that the most recent of them was written in 2006. Just another reason why I deserve their web addresses more than they do.

Brad said...

(I was just joking, in case that wasn't obvious.) :)