Tuesday, September 23, 2008

number 32 (not page)

It's really hard to do anything right now besides look up reviews of the So You Think You Can Dance shows that have already happened on this tour and get myself so so worked up about what will be right in front of my eyes in a few short hours.

And it says specifically that no recording devices of any type are allowed but those jokers can't stop me, I'm totally going to bring in a notebook and pen to take notes of everything that goes down.

I see no shame in pointing out cool things about myself when I think it is deserved, and I deserve this--it's quite a fortunate quality to be completely fine with going to "things" by yourself, and enjoying them every bit as much as you would if you had some semi-reluctant friend in the seat next to you.

Ba da ba ba.


Mom said...

I hope you will post your own review.

Erica said...

You have to get high tech. It's all about a tape recorder, but that's only if you want to be really risky.

ashley said...

I think I should start doing this - I'd enjoy movies much more without Josh's snarky comments all throughout.

I would not be semi-reluctant. I'd force my company on you and make you take me along. Have fun, can't wait to hear about it!