Monday, June 16, 2008

glad as I can be

You know how sometimes somebody will ask you about somebody else in a very general way, as in, "oh, you're dating someone new? What's he like?" Or maybe something along the lines of, "so tell me about your boss." They're not looking for any specific information, just whatever little bits of that person you find worthy of sharing. In most cases I hate this type of question, because come on, what is there to say? With most people I love dearly, despite the fact that they are completely awesome, there's not really any great way to convey their utter coolness to someone else just with a few summarizing statements. "Well.. he/she likes music, and things that are fun. Sometimes he/she says interesting or funny things. Other times he/she's in more of a quiet mood, and doesn't talk as much. Umm.. I'm sure he/she has some hobbies." Yeah, not so fascinating. But! There is one person whom I love to be asked about. Because he may very well be the Most Interesting Person I Know, and it's so easy to quickly spout off loads of intriguing tidbits about him. And it just so happens that he fathered me.
Presenting Gary Lee Keck, ______ extraordinaire. There is nothing this man cannot do. Scuba dive all over the world in exotic locales? No problem. Build an entire house from start to finish with his own hands, including all electric/plumbing work? Ain't no thang. Be King of the Army? Check. Work as a prison guard at Shawshank? Old news. Repair antique mechanical clocks to get them working and beautiful again? Uh, only every other day. I could go on and on, but I feel that format is quickly becoming tiresome. Suffice it to say, my dad is incredible, and I love talking about him. Okay, he may be a little overzealous with punctuation in emails, but besides that he is the absolute tops. There's never been a moment when I wasn't positive that my dad is capable of solving each and every one of my problems, and he very generously does so all the time. In fact, I wish he were here right now because instead of all the hassle and cost I'm about to endure on account of wrecking my car's bumper, he would have it fixed and looking better than ever lickity-split. And I'm so glad that he was the lucky bachelor who won my mom's heart and hand (shout out to my mom's awesomeness--she had three options). Happy Father's Day, Dad-Dad-Daddy-o. Love ya, mean it.

P.S. Busi-ness?? Mankind was my busi-ness!!
P.S.2. Oh-solmio-it's-a-rigatonio
P.S.3. What? (you know, because, deaf)
P.S.4. Isn't out yet, get on it Sony.

Sorry, if you're not a Keck, you miss out on those jokes.


Anonymous said...


While I am sure that a daughter sees her Father in a certain light, which may be slightly skewed in my favor, you certainly were right on the mark on one thing - I sure have have a wonderful wife who is awesome!!!! Thanks for the kind words about me.

Love ya!


Brad said...

I don't get the Sony thing. That must be a recent acquisition.

Mom said...

I get my kids' jokes better than they do each others'. It just means there is no playstation 4 yet, right?
This was a very nice tribute to a wonderful dad.