Friday, June 6, 2008

blather and dither should not both be words

A couple of things:

¤ Sometimes I weep (on the inside) because no guy will ever fall in love with me for my cooking. I will not prepare you an amazing meal. I'm sorry, for the both of us.
¤ There are two female full-time employees in the Faculty Office Building, and two women's restrooms. I am rather territorial over the south end one. Walking in to encounter another patron in said restroom is generally the greatest shock I experience in my life.
¤ The Faculty Office Building used to be called the Staff Office Building, but the name was changed once the People In Charge realized the inevitable abbreviation frequently used to refer to the edifice. Hilarious!
¤ There is one reality competition-based show that matters, and this is it: So You Think You Can Dance.
¤ If you've ever been concerned that I might one day become an intravenous drug user, please put that worry straight to rest. Needles are not my friends.
¤ This funny little bullet symbol is made, in Windows at least, by holding down Alt and typing 0164 on the right number keypad thingy.
¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ See?
¤ Heated pools are actually the key to happiness. In case you've been wondering about that.
¤ Nine constitutes more than a couple. Forgive me.

What the heck! A picture!
Wow, Kecks are hot.


Expavesco said...

My favourites ASCII symbol is ALT-15
It is a sunish thing.

Tracy said...

I'm severely tempted to go back into this post and replace all of my ¤s. Yours is far superior.

ashley said...

Let's just say my neighbor (who owns TiVo) and I have a standing date every Wednesday and Thursday night. Ah, the bliss of skipping commercials!

I could not believe they did a re-vote for Katee and her roommate last night...

Mom said...

¤Sometimes I am in a dither about whether or not to blather on about something.
¤Amazing meals are overrated.
¤I enjoy a private bathroom.
¤I'm glad you don't work in the S.O.B.
¤Thank you for introducing me to SYTYCD. I love it.
¤So how was your blood test?
¤I can follow directions.
¤I miss a heated pool.
¤I blathered on. No more dithering.
¤I love my beautiful daughters.

Erica said...

Wow, Kecks ARE hot.

Brad said...

Everyone at Intuit likes or Point Of Sale product. It's great.

T.R. said...

To be honest, I am constantly concerned about you becoming an intravenous drug user.

brad said...

I love that you sure can cook up some mean meth. Not that you're an intravenous drug user or anything. Also I hope those SOB's get the heck out of your bathroom. So you can use meth in there. And then practice the new dance moves you learned the night before on SYTYCD.