Saturday, April 26, 2008

I got it from my pianist Joe Zawinul

I have a couple of introductions I need to make. And by a couple I literally mean two, and fortunately I can do them both at once. The first is my new laptop. I went ahead and spent my economic stimulus (ha) before I received it, which I'm pretty sure is a really wise financial habit. Sorry to geek out about a computer so much, but it really is exciting to me, for lots of reasons. I'll mention a few. I finally have (stolen) internet at home without having to carry my work laptop back and forth all the time, and it even works on the couch! Not just up against the window by my bed! Also it has an HDMI output which means I can plug it into my TV and watch things from it in big screen high definition, whoa. It came with a remote control, which, maybe every laptop does now? I have no idea, but I think it's way too awesome. Finally, there is a webcam, so you can expect to see a lot more pictures of my face with various parts of my apartment in the background. I'm sure those will be thrilling for everyone. All right, maybe not so much, BUT! It will allow me to present to the world all my friends and lovers, starting with the #1 person on my list and in my life, this guy:
This is my nephew, Kyle. Apparently he is nothing but trouble. And likes to eat cookies. I realize that most everyone who reads this here weblog also reads that of my brother and sister-in-law, and so you are already well acquainted with his utter adorability, but for the few who are strangers to Brad & Tiffany, soak it in. He. is. awesome. This actually isn't the best picture ever of Kyle, he's kinda wonky-eyed, but I love how into that cookie he is. He's not messing around there. There's no time for posing for pictures. There is a cookie to consume.

Hey Mom there's some of my ceiling, do you miss it?

Let me know if you want an Obama '08 sticker for your car. Especially if you want a "Republicans for Obama" one. I will be so pleased to hook you up with that.

I've never said 'geek out' before; Jenna Fischer made me do it.


kristen said...

you and i have somehow figured out that we always look better in pictures when making that face. i will not call that face by name.

Mom said...

Most of the time I cannot figure out what your title means. But then, on the rare occasion I do get it, I feel so smart. This isn't one of those times.
I do miss that ceiling. It is an amazing feat of architecture, and I am glad you get to live under it for a part of your life.
Your landlord invited you to share his wireless, so it isn't stolen. The new computer is great and I love the pictures I see on it. That is an awesome little boy, I agree.
My bumper sticker would have to say - Obama - he's not as bad as Hillary. Have you got that one? I dream of an election where I have a real choice of a good candidate, and I don't have to decide by which one is the least horrible. Why won't someone like that run? Oh yeah, he did, but my party rejected him!

Erica said...

i want a republicans for obama bumper sticker! and also that is the cutest little boy in the world and i am so excited that he gets to be my nephew too!

T.R. said...

So I don't get the title. Yeah, I know what it's from but still. Oh well. How embarrassing.

Karie said...

I agree with all the political stuff your mom said. I would like to see your ceiling - thanks for the preview - I'd say it's lodge-like. I don't spend too much time trying to figure out your titles. Your nephew IS adorable! You look great too!

Pace said...

Title, Obama, yeah yeah. What kind of laptop is it? And how much did you pay?