Sunday, January 27, 2008

if you catch me at the border I got visas in my name

I realized today that vanilla is the lime of the dessert world. There is not a dish that a hint (or more) of lime does not improve--at least that I have encountered--;such is the case with vanilla and all things sweet. Holy punctuation! That's how I meant it though. I'm so glad that I have a giant bottle of McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract in the cabinet over the sink, not imitation mind you, and that I have an even gianter bottle of Private Selection* Vanilla Syrup. Invest in these two items and you'll never be left missing that certain something for your sweet tooth again.

Speaking of lime, for claiming to be the expert on all-things-pie, Marie Callendar's Key Lime Pie is severely lacking in both texture and flavor. And is way overdone on whip cream. Whipped cream? Anyway, Rumbi's where it's at.

In case you've been wondering whether I managed to acquire a pair of jeans from Urban Outfitters for $9.99 this weekend, the answer is an enthusiastic yes!

*I had to go over to my pantry and look at the bottle to see who made this stuff. Private Selection? Take themselves a little seriously, do they?


mom said...

I am pretty sure I bought that vanilla, but not the syrup. think of me when you make your food better. Of course, for the limes I would only buy one.

kristen said...

i use this