Saturday, January 24, 2009

42 inches

You know how at baby showers nowadays usually when you show up, they have you write your name and address on an envelope to be used for your thank you card? Male readers, heads up: they do this. Well it is a really good idea for a number of reasons. It is certainly much more efficient than having everyone write their addresses in a notebook, only to have to transcribe all these addresses over again onto envelopes. And it helps to ensure that the person being showered really does send out thank you cards, since that big annoying part of the task is already taken care of. What I'm saying is I fully endorse the write-your-address-on-an-envelope part of a baby shower, it is a great thing.

Still, there is something so trippy and shocking about opening your mailbox to find a letter addressed to yourself in your own handwriting. I fall for it every time--what's this?! A message from the future! What piece of knowledge did I need to receive on this very Thursday, future-Tracy? Some sort of warning? All the upcoming professional sports scores so I can finally quit my job and get rich without doing any work?!

Oh, wait, no--Sara liked the hangers. Also good to know.


Gatsby said...

Sorry it wasn't from future Tracy, that would have been rad.

But if they are going to have you write your name on the envelope, why don't they just have you also write the thank you letter and what you brought? Then you could just take it home with you then not have to wait to get it in the mail.

Sara LaClaire said...

that was pretty funny. and i'm glad i didn't have to write everyone's address out because i did hand make each thank you card. and yes, i LOVED the hangers. ;D

Mom said...

If I leave a stamped self addressed envelope at your house, will you send me a letter? Or better yet, a hand made card?

Kyle said...

It is ridiculous how happy I am that I don't ever have to go to any baby showers.

Brad said...

I wish baby showers were actually what they say they are. There are a lot of dirty babies out there, and it is silly, not to mention a waste of time, to individually bathe them one by one. Why not just put them in a large shower with multiple nozzles and clean them all at once? If I had a baby to clean I'd try to go a baby shower once a week.

Tyson & Gina said...

Hey Tracy! Random that I found your blog I know but Tyson's gone a lot so blog stalking is one of my new favorite things. Consider yourself warned...btw, that is a great idea and if I have a baby shower, you can plan on confusing yourself again ok?