Thursday, October 16, 2008

not surprised at all

My friend Matt is a very talented artist, writer, comedian, and I suspect maybe even musician somehow, since he's good at everything else. I can't confirm the last one, but he definitely is talented at sending me mp3s of good songs. They always come through without a download error or virus! So yes, my friend Matt is good at everything. And I've long admired his artwork and finally got just vain bold enough to ask him to make some artistic rendering of me (because apparently I am Jan? Look for my new candle line in stores spring 2009). Ignoring for a minute how completely self-indulgent it is to first ask someone to draw you, and then to plan on displaying said drawing in your own home as if it is as worthy a subject matter as Don Quixote or Dora Maar, I just want to share this. Because I quite love it. And even though I'm no revolutionary fictional character or muse to one of the greatest artists of all time, Matt is pretty revolutionary for our time, and his work deserves to be shown.


ashley said...

this is amazing, i love it!

Pace said...

Wow, what a hottie! You look just as good in vector as you do in real life. I'd put it on my wall... not in a weird I'm in love with my cousin kind of way, more like a I need to fill up a wall in my party house kinda way... if I had a party house.

Mom said...

I love this picture! I want one for my wall. The artist is amazing. It is so simple, but it is you. Those are your eyes, your lips, even that dot is your nose. I love how the only color is your hair. It will look just right among your other works of art. You are beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Can I get that in velvet? Just kidding - it looks fantastic. Matt is very talented. I hope we do get a copy to display.


April said...

It's so perfect, I love it!