Sunday, January 17, 2010


All right, fine. Here's what's up.

I quit my job at BYU. I think sometimes they still miss me. I guess I hope they do. I work in South Jordan. I do marketing. I have no background in marketing. I have a background in language. I use a lot of it at work. I love it. I have friends there. I have friends I hang out with in my free time there. I have friends whose facebook walls I want to write on there. I moved to Salt Lake. I call it downtown Salt Lake even though it's not exactly quite. I think it's close enough to merit the label.
I had to buy rugs because my apartment floor is so hard. I think my fireplace is the best one I've seen. I think my fireplace is the best one for me. I have done laundry twice and the dishes once. I keep things clean. I had a virus killing my computer for over a month. I got it fixed yesterday. I feel like a brand new me. I feel like a brand new computer owner, anyway. I went home to Baltimore. I am pleased to have Baltimore as the place I go home to. I don't think it's weird to go home to a place I never lived. I get asked that a lot. I am sure of my answer. I have so much software to install. I see friends more these days which is lovely. I see family less these days which is not. I never bother with all the syllables of a word anymore. I just noticed that somehow every single song in my iTunes is in there three times. I am not excited about this. I have a bunch of strangers coming to dinner tonight. I will cook for the third time this life phase. I am not confident it will be good. I don't care too much. I am getting a new nephew so soon. I like him already. I probably love him. I keep hitting snooze on the alarm clock even though I am awake. I don't know why I don't just turn it off. I plan on writing things here a lot more often. We will see.


Kristina said...

I love these stream-of-consciousness blog posts. And am thrilled/jealous of your fireplace.

Betancourt Family said...

Everything sounds SO exciting! Keep up life's adventure. Mummm if you made mac and cheese i bet you left those strangers speechless. And lastly yea for new jobs! I know that you have already knocked their socks off! Love you!