Monday, September 28, 2009

death rattle

I'm a total bore for never writing anything on here anymore. I'm still not going to write something, not really, but I feel like I should post some kind of crap, so here is how I responded when a million years ago a friend asked me whether I ate the fish I caught:
I didn't eat it. Or keep it. But I didn't really catch-and-release either. I tried to keep it. I killed it a lot. Tried to gut it etc. but couldn't really figure it out so then threw its carcass back in the water. I slammed its head on a rock! Over and over! And cried hahaha. The head slamming was to kill it before theoretically gutting it, it was supposed to be a quick painless death, but then it wasn't at all, I kept thinking it was dead and then it would start flopping again so I'd slam it again. And cry some more. I was trying to be brave and keep head slamming through the tears but I was just overcome by it all. Sad that I was killing this thing that had just given me so much joy. I tried to stop crying.

And here is the joke I kept making when I nabbed that slippery little sucker:

catfish? more like caughtfish!

Yeah this blog is doomed.


Sara LaClaire said...

lol ewwwww!

Ethan T said...

I think that's the saddest thing I've ever read.

T.R. said...

was I that friend? that sounded oddly familiar but I don't remember a conversation explicitly.

here's the thing nobody told you: Even if you kill them with a rock, their nervous system is still partly intact and there will be nerve spasms even if the brain is dead.

I don't know if a fish is like a human, but some of our reflexive actions can occur so fast that it would have been impossible for the nervous signal to travel all the way up to brain and back. It seems that just bouncing the signal off the spine will do the trick.

I'm Dr. Steve Brule, for your fish!