Friday, February 13, 2009

specificity fail

The good thing about initially naming my blog after the song that was in my head at that moment is that any time a certain Huey Lewis anthem comes on in Walgreens or something it's like a little love note from the universe to me. Thanks, universe, you've even got the right weekend for such things.

In other news, I went to Best Buy yesterday and they really need to make up their minds.

Needless to say there was nobody utilizing this parking space. It's probably not all that often that a preggo mama shows up to pick up her online order. When one actually does, though, boy do they have the spot for her!

Also, notice how the sky was so clear and blue and lovely yesterday? Today it is like this:

Okay I wasn't entirely sure how that webcam through the window picture taking was gonna go and obviously it was not stellar, but you can see what I'm talking about. It's a ding dong winter wonderland out there. And normally I am all for that sort of thing but not when it is preventing me from seeing some very important people. Mother Nature, you and I are through. Don't be holding your breath for any calls in early May because I assure you, they are not coming.

While we're having fun with the webcam, why not take this opportunity to simultaneously show you I love you and display my newest haircut?

See, I transported myself to a heart-infused parallel universe just to make this valentine for you! I love you! Most likely if you are reading this then the preceding is true, and I do love you, but not if you're just someone who came here because you googled "coodle doodle doo." I get a lot of you folks. Actually, though, if you're a big enough fan of the greatest comedy of our time to google some of its catchphrases in your spare time, I guess I probably love you too. Awesome.

I can't seem to stay on one topic for longer than a few sentences today so let's keep going with that. I recently acquired this:

A few key things to know: 1. It is a locket. 2. It is handmade. 3. The flower part is made from Czech glass. 4. The girl who made it lives just down the street (the street called I-15). Needless to say I love it. I am supporting local artists in an eensy-teensy way, and wearing it is a shout-out to my heritage, plus it is so darling if I do say so myself. This is where I need help though--what to put inside?! I had this romantic notion that I want to put something quite meaningful inside so that when I'm old and dying my posterity will consider my locket to be such a treasure. But I have no ideas yet what that significant something could be. So far the best I've come up with is a small print of this, folded up and tucked inside:

Ahhhahaha. Seriously though.

Finally, one last Valentine's treat. I just dare you to listen to this song and still try to have a bad attitude about love and the world around you. I assure you, you cannot do it friend. It will melt even the most frozen of cold February hearts. You're welcome.


Mom said...

What a fun read. I like how the topics jump around. Or you jump around to different topics I guess. Happy Valentine's Day.

Expavesco said...

I like it a lot.

Betancourt Family said...

Melted. What a wonderful post.

PS love the hair cut!

becky said...

i love the bangs!
i love the locket!

Jason said...

I want some Czech memorabilia to celebrate my heritage. I contend that you should put a lock of your hair in the locket. How could you get any more suitable than a lock in a locket?

Anonymous said...