Tuesday, August 19, 2008

dangerously hazel

There's this happy little song that's been on the radio quite a bit of late, and you know what, I don't mind. Not at all. In fact I rather enjoy it; it puts a smile on my face and and usually sends my feet a-tappin' on the brake and my hands a-beatin' on the steering wheel.

And there are a lot of things I like about it but probably my favorite thing is the little shout-out to my people that the singer gives, when he calls on his audience to listen to the music of the Mormon people dance and sing. I really appreciate that he's recognized what we have to offer. Because let's be honest, Mormon people do dance and sing.

You can listen to the tribute yourself if you like--it's about midway through the second verse.

((Okay I used to have a link to the song here but the file's gone so forget it, just forget this post ever happened))


Kyle said...

maybe your people just like being on reality tv?

Pace said...

I kinda want to burst your bubble... so here goes. Mormon nor any of the members of the Church of LDS are mentioned in that song... maybe you are referring to the word moment, which he slurs kinda. "Listen to the music of the moment people". Sorry, I know that's lame. In another song I thought the artist was saying he wants another Mormon dance with you.. turns out he was saying "a' more Moondance with you"... sad

Pace said...

ok, I'd like to retract my statement. I listened to that and I think the lyric people got it wrong, he definitely says Mormon. Know if on Van Morrison could pronounce it clearer.

Tracy said...

uhhhpparently this isn't clear to all readers but it's supposed to be a joke. I know he's not really saying Mormon. That doesn't change the fact that it sounds a lot closer to that than it does "moment." And that it would be a lot better if he did.

kristen said...

we all know you guys are dancing your way into heaven... or so sayeth PBS.

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