Thursday, July 10, 2008

zoom zoom

Things my car can teach you about me:

I live (and kill bugs) in Utah.

I work at BYU. Uhh apparently my parking pass is expired? Maybe I'll check on that.

I am disabled, at least for another month.

I think diet soda tastes better.

I prefer my music the old-fashioned way, recorded on tangible objects.

I love happy hour at Sonic. Hello Route 44 cranberry limeade.

I have a parent in the military.

I'm a Democrat. Also, it rained recently.

And because I told her I'd bombard her with wishes in every possible medium: happy birthday Kristen! You're my favorite of all the Kristens I know, or even the Kristins.

Aaand because I love So You Think You Can Dance so much, enjoy this song from last week's episode. I've been listening to it pretty much nonstop since then, and my choreographed routine to go along with it is nearly complete. Move over Mia Michaels.


kristen said...

oh my. just when i was about to forget... you swooped in to remind me that a) i am 24; b) i am not j dub.

Anonymous said...


So is your car trying to tell us that are the kind of person who doesn't follow the rules (expired parking permit) and is unable to accept new technology (cd's out the ying yang) and refuses to buy an Ipod???


Brad said...

iPod schmiPod. But, hard drives and such ARE tangible, Tracy. :p

Janae said...

I love this post.

Karie said...

You're one creative girl Tracy! In my car you would find tennis rackets (Juston's doing), filtered Kangen water in my water bottle, probably an empty cup from a smoothie and maybe an empty plate -eating on the run, a beach towel - from going to the Y - no beach here...and it would probably smell. That's because I can't smell anymore and can't tell when my car needs airing out. Bummer! I'm happiest when my car is full of people I love - right now there are too many empty seats!